The Night Is Good Phoenix Brother

by The Amber

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released June 8, 2013



all rights reserved


The Amber Tupelo, Mississippi

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Track Name: The Hour Of The Wolf
In the hour of the wolf,
I'll steal off to your bed.
Become a wild creature,
and haunt the dreams of men.

You take it, you won't.

I'm scratching at the walls but they won't let me in,
because it's still

The hour of the wolf.
The moon is overhead.
I'll hunt down wild creatures,
and bring them to your bed.
Track Name: Rot
The tree is calling out for blood,
to fill it's roots with sin and mud.

I'm never gonna live again.

The carrion claiming rights to death,
simple minded creatures coveting breath.

From intellect, to common sense.
From destiny to happenstance.
The crucifix and the pentagram.
Track Name: Simulacra
Simulacra single cell,
pop art mythics selling hell.

Of a shallow grave I'll never be afraid,
even when I see deaths face.

Simulacra cyanide,
grey haired cynics telling lies.
Track Name: Holiness Of Spring
On the street I can find anything I'd ever need,
on the street I can feel my morals bleed.
When I look in the mirror I don't see anything,
but a trail of ghosts who prod me with the holiness of spring.

A steady flow of eternity,
a trickle of such purity,
a river of hypocrisy,
a mothers lack of empathy.

On the street I can find anything I'd ever need,
I can find someone to make me bleed.
When I look in the mirror all I see are hollow eyes,
clouded up with a storm of compromise.
Track Name: Fire At Night
We close our eyes as we sat on the roof,
we held out breath and we ignored the truth.
Covered our ears as they sang their hymn,
we give and we take but we never learned how to live.

Fire in the distance, fire at night.
We're gonna make it if we have to drive all fucking night,
Fire in the distance, fire at night,
gonna get there and we're never coming back alive.
Track Name: My God We're Gonna Die
Laying inside of an open wound,
there's so much to do when you're outside the womb.
Breaking all the rules cause we're feeling drag,
the moments pass with no one noticing the end of...

Oh my god, my god we're gonna die.

Let's keep the wolves at bay, for just one more day,
when tomorrow comes we'll feed them all some pieces of ourselves.

This is the price of war.
Track Name: The Thrall Of Pavement
There's nothing left of the night but a broken bottle,
and a broken man laying in the street.
But we're all there with him, in the thrall of pavement.
Yeah we're all there with him, in the street.

We all abuse the good intentions of others.

We're all just trying too hard, and we let ourselves down.
And all I see are two red tail lights as you're run out of town.
They say the answer's at bottoms of bottles and I'm ninety-nine down.
And every night's another excuse to let myself down.

Let's strike up all our matchbooks and illuminate the dark.
We might be stark raving mad but we're not scared of the dark.
We'll make our bed of napkins and sleep it all away.
I see the daylight breaking but I don't know what to say.