Heartland Rock EP (Standard)

by The Amber

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released April 19, 2014



all rights reserved


The Amber Tupelo, Mississippi

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Track Name: The Midnight Oil
I'm burning the midnight oil,
and I'm wiping the spit from my face.
I can't seem to shake the feeling,
like something is out of place.

Or something is terribly wrong.

Let's get the engine started,
and hope the heat comes on.
Cause baby where we're headed,
the sun never stays out long.

No one ever questions my intent,
only my innocence.
And no one ever wishes me well,
they tell me to go to hell.
Track Name: Bastard
You whispered in my ear,
while I finished off my beer.
My hand went between your legs,
the way a bastard begs.
And you were like...

And now I'm feeling old,
and not all that composed.
Instead of being hung,
they'll just cut out my tongue.
And I'll be like...

I can't control these slips,
I fire from the hips.
So much can be undone
when the bastard comes.

When all that's left is death,
and a shortening of breath,
I'll realize what I've done.
Track Name: Believe In Tonight
I believe in tonight, more than any other night,

We raked these withered fingers
over the dirt roads of this town.
Drinking to forget our friends
in hospital gowns.
Sometimes the best rest is on the ground.

We scratched the roofs of our mouths
while choking down disease.
Taking entire handfuls
cause one is just a tease.
The ambulance came at quarter to three.
Track Name: Stomach Pump
Drank holy water,
tried to drown the devils shout.
Found him in ruin,
had to pump his stomach out.

Put on a new face,
invented grace,
but he still walks in a barren place.

Met in the water,
we floated up from some kind of hell.
Breathed in the fresh air,
then went back under our magic spell.